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MODEL 3080

MODEL 3080 is used to measure the concentration of SO2, NOX, CO, O2, CO2, CH4 and other gases in flue gas. It can measure one or more gas components according to the configuration, measure the flue gas flow, temperature and pressure, and calculate the combustion efficiency, excess air factor, total emissions of polluting gases, etc.

 MODEL 3080 can also be used as a temporary CEMS system for online monitoring of boilers, power plant flue gas and metallurgical industries. The measurement method complies with the relevant standards (HJ 629-2011, HJ 692-2014) of the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection, the United States EPA, and German TüV. It is consistent with the heating sampling method of continuous monitoring systems of flue gas emission from fixed sources by infrared method. The analyzer consists of a heated probe, heating line, pretreatment system, and an infrared analyzer. The MODEL 3080 is a multi-channel, multi-component intelligent analytical instrument, using the world's most advanced infrared gas detection technology, with excellent stability, selectivity, and high sensitivity.



Widely used in thermal power plants, all kinds of industrial furnaces, residential heating boilers, incineration plants, steel mills, cement plants and other industrial processes to produce flue gas emissions monitoring. Can be used for fixed sources of pollution, portable measurement, continuous measurement online, CEMS reference instruments and laboratory analysis.



·         Cold atomic absorption spectrometry, excellent selectivity, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable.

·         Non-dispersive infrared measurement method with excellent selectivity, anti-interference ability, and long service life.

·         The instrument is earthquake-resistant and can be used on-board sea vessels.

·         Unit automatic switching function (ppm and mg/m3).

·         Corrosion-resistant design.

·         Very short warm-up time, about 5 minutes.

·         Air can be used to automatically calibrate the zero point.

·         Automatic record storage, fault self-diagnosis, data processing, data communications, printing and other functions.

·         The measured concentration of flue gas can be continuously measured. The concentration is converted and the relevant data is stored for more than 15 days.

·         The instrument acquires a cumulative average in real time every 5 seconds to set the record storage period (cumulative average of 5s ~ 60s) and print minute data.

·         Comes with USB interface, you can use U disk to directly copy test data.

·         Host adopts menu operation, large color screen display, can display real-time, historical data and curve.

·         Advanced water removal system for flue gas analysis with high humidity and low concentration (<100mg/m3), SO2 loss <3% indication.

·         Pre-treatment device can be used alone with fixed-potential electrolysis equipment as a pre-stage dehumidification, which can effectively reduce the impact of flue gas humidity on sulfur dioxide monitoring.

·         Equipped with built-in NOX converter, convert NO2 to NO, measure NOX total emission, conversion efficiency ≥95%, choose NOX mass-to-volume ratio measurement result NO2.


Technical parameters

      SO2: (0 ~ 500 ~ 5000) mg/m3 (NDIR)

        NOX: (0 ~ 500 ~ 5000) mg/m3 (NDIR)

       CO: (0 ~ 1000 ~ 5000) mg/m3 (NDIR)

       CO2: 0 ~ 2% ~ 20% (NDIR)

       O2: 0 ~ 25% (Electrochemical)